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CellarHand is a Melbourne-based fine-wine importer and wholesale distributor, with a portfolio featuring some of the most sought-after estates of Germany, Austria, France and Italy, as well some of the greatest producers from Australia and New Zealand.

Cellarhand’s ethos has always been to build a portfolio as you’d construct the perfect wine list. They work with small, family producers who express the best of their regions. The wines they sell are the wines they enjoy, and the people who make them are like family to them. There are wines that taste of where they come from, and though they’re steeped in history and stamped with the signature of their terroir, they’re more than ever relevant – and desirable – to the Australian diner of today.

Lord Cardigan & Cellarhand have been working together for almost 13 fabulous years. Cellarhand’s portfolio, oozing with stunning wines, makes our decisions here at Lord Cardigan very difficult – what to put on the list when it’s all so good?? We at Lord Cardigan, change our winelist each season, to compliment John’s menu and offer you, our loyal patrons, as many diverse offerings as possible!

Cellarhand have been working on their retail store for quite some time and of course, the presence of COVID 19, has allowed many of us to complete tasks that were otherwise lurking in the background!

So the idea is . . you help yourself to some of the world’s best wines, whilst also helping to keep Lord Cardigan healthy during this challenging time!

How exactly??

Simply discover these gems by heading to www.cellarhand.store and use the code CARDIGAN at the checkout. The good people at Cellarhand, will then give Lord Cardigan 20% of the value of every transaction our customers complete on their website.

Talk about Friends With Benefits!!!

We have also collaborated with Cellarhand to devise a mixed six-pack of some of our favourite wines – choosing 6 is a big call – don’t worry, we’ll mix it up from time to time!

Cellarhand greatly appreciates your support as patrons of Lord Cardigan. If you are on the look out for some lovely wines to treat yourself (or someone else to), this is the perfect eway to get them while giving us an additional boost and supporting local business.

And to make life even easier, Cellarhand is now offering free shipping throughout metropolitan Melbourne on orders of just $50 or more!

So hop on the website and enjoy exploring the fabulous collection of wines from around the world!